A Quarter Century Gift for YOU!

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since I first started this work? The letters and emails and calls and face-to-face conversations I have with people about how I touched their lives still energizes me. On rough days, I pull out my folders with these notes and re-read them. It’s like a mic-drop to my ego.

If you want personalized support, consider a coaching session with me OR take advantage of the mentorship program I’m offering 5 lucky folks as my company’s 25th anniversary present.

You could transform your life completely this year as thousands of others have. For a full 12 months, you can receive unlimited email support and access, one weekly one-on-one call with me and access to all my published resources, videos, audios and programs.

We’ve created three affordable options: 



$5,000 up front

(Regular price is $26,000, so this is an awesome opportunity!)

If you’re ready to do the deep dive into what’s keeping you stuck in less than loving perceptions, send me a note at www.paulalangguthryan.com/contact and tell me what most pressing areas you’d like to transform in your life this year and where you’re feeling stuck. Give me as much detail as you can and let’s see what we can do together to create a make-over of your mind!


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