The Village Gathering

501(c)(3) organization

For nearly 20 years, a full 10% of every dollar I’ve received for my work has been donated to The Gathering at Cocoa Village (aka The Village Gathering). Using conflict-dissolution, empowered communication and transformational mediation techniques, this non-profit creates peace and lifts people out of poverty. We teach people how to use the power of their minds, combined with positive actions, to create inner and outer security in their lives.

Working with hand-selected rural Kenyans, The Village Gathering shows people how to break the cycle of poverty and build lives that go beyond subsistence. Focus areas include sustainable farming, quality education, financial stability, spiritual support, health and wellness and home improvements that lead to housing security over homelessness. Here’s a bit more about this incredible organization:

The Village Gathering invests in people first. People with a proven track record of uplifting their community in selfless ways. We visit Kenya to understand and vet their accomplishments. We make constructive suggestions, provide some initial support to help them move a piece of their work forward. We listen to what they envision and the “why” behind their vision – and the steps they’ve planned. We help them strategize a clear path forward. It’s never linear. It’s never on a set timetable. It’s always a long game, as they say. Everything we do is governed by the donations we receive. Everything is unfolding in Divine Order. Each and every time. If you’ve ever had anyone give you a hand-up that made a difference in your life, you’ll understand how YOU can be the difference that moves someone out of poverty forever. 

To learn more about The Village Gathering and how you can join me in my quest to create lasting change in the world, visit The Village Gathering.

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