Paula Langguth Ryan just wrote the best book I’ve ever seen on the art of tithing.

– Dr. Joe Vitale, as seen in “The Secret”


The Art of Tithing: Harness the Power of Giving Thanks & Create Lasting Inner and Outer Wealth

Your level of abundance⏤in all areas of your life⏤has absolutely nothing to do with the balance in your bank account. It has everything to do with the gratitude in your attitude. And how open you are to both giving and receiving, with no strings attached. Practicing the art of tithing, you will recieve six incredible benefits:

  • Deeper wisdom and good judgement
  • Realization of your vibrant health
  • True wealth⏤and a greater ability to meet expenses and reduce debt
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Deeper spiritual understanding
  • A release of expectations⏤so you become open and receptive to receiving what will benefit you most

Dispel your misconceptions, dissolve past discomfort, and harness the power of tithing today. This pioneering book launched the contemporary prosperity movement and has created lasting change for readers in more than sixty-seven countries. This book helps you live the life you truly desire.

Manifest the Perfect Mate: Find the Love and Respect You Desire

This book is about you, your past and present relationships, and more importantly, your future relationship. Traditionally, far too much emphasis has been placed on “finding someone to love” and far too little has been understood about the strength and joy to be found in learning to love ourselves first. This new, holistic approach explains how to avoid the traps of unhealthy relationships. It is a clear, practical guide for those who are in lackluster, disconnected relationships or are seeking to create a healthy relationship from the start.

Paula Langguth Ryan shares anecdotes and examples drawn from her extensive counseling experience plus lessons learned about the psychology of love during more than 25 years as a communications and conflict specialist. This powerful guide offers a profound yet easily applied message to every individual. You can conquer personal fears, overcome adverse relationship history, and transform and enhance your love life once you know how to use the power you possess to: 

  • Develop you own healthy boundaries
  • Achieve friendship and lasting love
  • Transform sabotaging core beliefs
  • Move beyond past relationship patterns
  • Gain control of your emotions and fears

Now is the time for you to exchange self-sabotage for self-confidence, learn how to demonstrate to others how you want to be treated, communicate better, connect more authentically, love more intimately and find greater happiness and peace of mind.

Bounce Back from Bankruptcy

If you’re thinking about bankruptcy or have already filed and want the best way to get back on track, check out the best selling book on rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy. 

*Please note that this book (the 4th edition) is currently out of print. If you pick up a copy and find changes/updates needed to the book, please write to me and let me know… you’ll be a contributor to the 5th edition!

Media Magic: Instantly Get Radio, TV, Print & Internet Press to Give You Limitless Publicity

Learn how Shannon Burnett-Gronich has successfully attained over $3.1 Million Dollars in FREE Publicity! The extremely coveted secrets in this book allow you to become an instant walking library when it comes to knowing the inside tricks of the trade to getting free press.

*Paula Langguth Ryan wrote the chapter on Tips for Writing Big-Value Supersonic Press Releases, from a Press Release Junkie

Cosmic Thoughts: New Thought & Real Life

Want to have a better connection to God/the Divine every day? Have you ever wondered how people use New Thought teachings in their real lives? Filled with personal experiences, advice, poetry, and stories, Cosmic Thoughts provides a glimpse into our connection to the Divine (God) in everything we do. Essays include a fun encounter in Jamaica on the dangers of multi-tasking, near death experiences, an encounter at gunpoint, dealing with depression and loss, turning around joblessness, and even a story about our beginnings. Writers include Rev. Sally Robbins, Singer/Songwriter Greg Tamblyn, Singer/Performer Megon McDonough, Prosperity Advisor Paula Langguth Ryan, and Rev. Robert JV McMillan. Cosmic Thoughts is an intimate collection that highlights a personal connection to the Universe for each one of us.

The Money Flow: How to Make Money Your Friend and Ally, Have a Great Life, and Improve the World

The Money Flow explores our feelings about money, how most people allow money to enslave them either by craving it or fearing it, and how it’s possible instead to make money a friend and ally: a partner in achieving your life goals and your goals for the world that does not control you, but aids you. This book is furnishing you simple, friendly and effective tools on how to create and design your own life success; enjoy the process and live a life filled with quality, freedom and contentment.

*Paula Langguth Ryan wrote the foreword to this book.

From Life to Life: Caring for Aging, Ill or Dying Loved Ones

From Life to Life was written by and for caregivers. This book can help you understand the ins and outs of day-to-day caregiving and help you, if not avoid the pitfalls, at least understand them better while you’re falling in–and getting out quicker. Half how-to, half stories to inspire, half stories to comfort, half sad, half funny but all good. You are not alone; there is plenty of help waiting for you. This book will help you see your options and your situation in a different light.

*Paula wrote the chapter on Making the Money Decisions

Paula goes below the surface level to heal your world from the inside-out, but you have to come open and willing.