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Friends who visit me always go home with gifts – and visiting my website’s the same.
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Something Out of Nothing Is... Everything!

Growing up, when I’d get upset, my dad would say “you’re making something out of nothing!” Like it was a bad thing, right? In this 25 minute talk, I’ll show you how making Something out of Nothing can be the mac-daddy of all things.. IF you know how to do it right! (recorded live at Unity Living Water June 2023 → Download Now

21 Days to a Fully Abundant Life

If you want to work on building your prosperity consciousness, allow this 21-day program to help keep you accountable to yourself and your spiritual source. Download Now


Abundance Zapping Words and Phrases

This list is a perfect reminder to help you reframe your thoughts and words. You can post it somewhere you will see it often, or carry a copy with you at all times. → Download Now

Break the Debt Cycle – For Good! Workbook & Audio

Unless you actively change the way you think and feel about money, getting out of debt won’t change much in your life. With the help of this workbook and audio files, you can finally get to a place of prosperity and abundance.  → Download Now

Core Beliefs Diagram

If you’re ready to dive deeper into exploring your core beliefs, this diagram is a great place to start!  → Download Now

Free Credit Report - Request Form

This form is for anyone requesting their free credit reports by mail. → Download Now

Heal Your Relationship with Money

This workbook is a great tool for helping you heal your relationship with money by changing the way you think and feel about prosperity and abundance. → Download Now

Instantly Dissolve Conflicts During a Divorce with Anita Pathik Law

Are you or someone you know going through a tough divorce? Are feelings of guilt, unworthiness, or abandonment coming up for you during this time? Well I have some good news: YOU can use this recording to heal YOUR life! → Download Now

Manifest the Right and Perfect Buyer for Your Home

I’m going to share with you some practical and metaphysical tips and strategies to help you draw to you the right and perfect buyer for your home… on your terms! → Download Now

Manifest the Right and Perfect Clients

Manifesting the Right and Perfect Clients requires action in eight specific areas, which require inner and outer work. We will work through limiting beliefs and get your business on the prosperous path! → Download Now

Manifest the Right and Perfect Job

We’re going to start with raising your consciousness so the right and perfect job can effortlessly manifests in your life. That’s our goal. So take the first step by downloading this free MP3 file and let’s get to work! → Download Now


Prosperity Tracker

For anyone reading The Art of Tithing or participating in my Prosperity Program – I suggest printing out this page as often as you need it. This fillable PDF will be used to track your prosperity throughout the course, and beyond, if you so desire. → Download Now

Ryan's Spiritual Rules of Order

Explore a new way of communication that puts Universal principles at the forefront of everything you do, say and think. Through loving attention to Ryan’s Spiritual Rules of Order, you can raise the prosperity consciousness of your organization to the highest level imaginable. Dissolve resistance and embrace peace of mind, joy, clarity and lovingkindness so you achieve more, with greater harmony, in less time. → Download Now

Tapping Into Your Spiritual Flow

You’re connected to a universal spiritual flow that you’re not using to its full capacity. So why can’t you see and feel all that extra good? Why does it feel like your flow is a mere trickle rather than a gushing flow? Because whether it’s intentional or completely unconscious, you are sabotaging yourself. This FREE 60-page pdf book will put an end to all that and turn your life around. Download Now

Ten Tips to Break the Debt Cycle – For Good!

Getting out of debt won’t make you prosperous — unless you actively change the way you think and feel about money. This short PDF contains proven tools and strategies so you can instantly break these patterns and create the financial security you desire! → Download Now


The Truth About Giving and Recieving

If you’re looking to dive deeper after reading Giving Thanks, or you’re simply ready to be more open and willing, this 20-minute MP3 will shift your consciousness on how you look at gifts and what you’re ready to recieve. → Download Now

Paula goes below the surface level to heal your world from the inside-out, but you have to come open and willing.