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3 women spend 36 months on a 20-foot boat. What could go wrong?

I want to share a story with you about working with the USA 2004 Olympic Yngling sailors. It’s a perfect showcase for demonstrating pretty much all aspects of my work.

Here’s the set up. You’ve got a team of three women – and it has to be the RIGHT three women (which it wasn’t in the beginning and I facilitated the transition of the third team member) – and these women have to navigate their distinct personalities, working styles, sailing skills, motivation, enthusiasm, senses of humor, fears and communication styles.

To achieve their Olympic dreams they have to create individual relationships with each other, group relationships as a part of the US Sailing Team, and “business relationships” as representatives of the United States of America.

They’re going to spend years traveling around the globe competing in sailing events with other world-class athletes. They’re going to be away from home, away from their families, away from their comfort zones. They’re going to live together, eat together, work together.

Yes, they have a common goal. But they are individuals who have been stuck together in pursuit of their dreams in a sport where everyone else is half their age.

So how did they go from being the 40-something year old underdogs to locking in their berth at the 2004 Athens Olympics? How did they finish their Olympic trials so far ahead of every other team they didn’t even have to race the last race?

They made a conscious decision to work with me.

Together we:
► Worked 1-on-1 to identify and resolve inner resentments, fears, conflicts.
► Resolved personality conflicts and issues and created skills to help each sailor communicate and work with the other two sailors.
► Created teamwork strategies and techniques that ensured tasks were assigned to the best person to do each job, and that they were motivated together to succeed.
► Refocused for peak performance when the reality of “OMG we’re at the OLYMPICS!” threatened to throw them off course.

This work can improve your individual, interpersonal, professional, and spiritual relationships.

2004 Olympic US Sailors Carol Cronin, Liz Filter,
Nancy Haberland, and coach Tony Rey


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