What Are My Six Core Beliefs?

1. Abandonment

I prefer the company of other people over being alone. I avoid getting too close to people – emotionally or physically. I worry my friendships and relationships won’t last.

2. Unworthiness

I tend to undervalue myself. Most people I know are more interesting than I am. I often find myself thinking or saying negative things about myself.

3. Powerlessness

People disrespect my opinions, time or decisions. The same negative situations keep showing up in my life, over and over again. I would feel better if some people in my life would change their behavior.

4. Lack / Limitation

Just when I think I’m getting ahead, something happens and I’m back to where I was. I feel like I’m just getting by, day to day. There never seems to be enough time, energy, money, knowledge, love, etc.

5. Guilt

I think about past mistakes and embarrassing things I’ve done. I feel bad for people who aren’t as fortunate as I am. There are a lot of things I should be doing, instead of what I’ve been doing with my life.

6. Death / Dying

My enthusiasm for things often gets deflated when I hit an obstacle or challenge. My relationships are sucking the life out of me. I feel like I’m stuck in a dead-end job.

Core Beliefs Quiz

Paula goes below the surface level to explore your six core beliefs and how they affect every aspect of your life. Her goal is to heal your world from the inside-out, but you have to show up to coaching, open and willing.

If you’d like to know more about your personal core beliefs, Paula has created a short quiz to help “diagnose” the core belief that’s truly causing your pain.

Let’s Heal Your Core Beliefs

My clients achieve rapid results because we’re focused on one thing: Getting you past the “story” and into the realm of infinite possibilities. We cut to the chase. If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, start your journey by determining which of your core beliefs require attention.

Together, we can help you CREATE A BREAKTHROUGH.

It’s time for you to feel powerful, prosperous, appreciated, hopeful,
focused, peaceful, confident, honored, empowered, worthy and happy!

All it may take is 30 minutes to give you the clarity you seek. Clarity gives you a
sense of direction. A sense of direction motivates you to TAKE ACTION.

Paula goes below the surface level to heal your world from the inside-out, but you have to come open and willing.