Business Consulting

(Review my group and individual services too, as many options we offer to small businesses or departments are listed there as well!)

Here’s an overview of the type of work I accomplish for businesses from a wide range of industries. If you don’t see your situation listed here, send me a detailed note and I’ll let you know whether or not your situation is something I can help you with.

Facilitating conversations, meetings, team-building communications and presentations. Management and board facilitations

Presenting leadership/management/staff trainings on overcoming conflict avoidance trainings, transformational communication, transformational mediation, developing clear/confident communication skills, and conflict resolution/dissolution strategies

Offering individual executive and performance coaching services

Negotiating services including pre-negotiation, in-house negotiation, purchases and sales

Tailoring in-house communication and mediation skills trainings for boards/staff/employees, executives and managers. (contact me for details on the variety of trainings available)

Consulting on and creating strategic communications company wide

Enhancing healthy relationships – in all areas of your work world

Reviewing and refining communications and documents

Handling transition and separation issues

Providing pre-negotiation services, workflow delegation services, company-wide and department/team reconciliation services

Collaborating on reintegration issues around mergers, downsizing, acquisitions, and team creation/dissolution

Developing, implementing and integrating systems for group dynamics and activities, corporate wide, per division, team, etc.

Advising on bankruptcy avoidance or recovery, and credit restoration for small businesses

Offering input and analysis for embezzlement and financial mismanagement issues

Creating and providing in-house resolution services, resolving internal and external conflicts with employees, management, clients, vendors, investors, partners

Assisting with “hard conversations” in all areas of your life, including hard money conversations around talking with creditors, negotiating debts and payment plans, developing spending plans and budgets and non-financial issues

Analyzing and restructuring finances, refining goals, assisting with profitability enhancement, creating positive net worth, company valuations, business cash flow strategies

Consulting on conflicts around company transitions, separations, severance packages employee reviews and settlements, including use of mediations, facilitations and negotiations

Reviewing and enhancing “fear-free” marketing copy/business communications

Reviewing business plans, business strategies, acquisition and merger strategies or offers

Assisting in smooth company transitions from original owners

The strength of your company is directly proportional to the health of your communications. We offer facilitations, trainings, executive coaching, in-house resolution services, and more.

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