Individual Coaching

Here’s an overview of the type of work I accomplish for individual clients…. If you don’t see your situation listed here, send me a detailed note and I’ll let you know whether or not your situation is something I can help you with.

Releasing old feelings of abandonment, guilt, unworthiness, lack/limitation, powerlessness and the sense that you’re having the life sucked out of you

Saying what you mean and meaning what you say by developing clear communication skills

Resolving internal conflicts around inheritance issues, custody discussions, marriage dissolution issues, financial infidelity, and general “money talks

Assisting with “hard money conversations” around talking with creditors, negotiating debts and payment plans, developing spending plans and budgets

Analyzing and restructuring your personal finances, refining goals, assisting with prosperity/manifesting issues, creating positive net worth

Offering executor services and escrow agent services to assist when family dynamics make direct communication difficult

Overcoming family guilt issues so you stop enabling family members and start empowering them – and yourself

Advising on bankruptcy avoidance or recovery, and credit restoration

Empowering with performance coaching

Developing discernment skills, learning to trust your “spidey senses”

Creating and enhancing healthy relationships – in all areas of your life

Negotiating personal and business agreements, including severance packages

Providing individual executive coaching

Reviewing written and oral communications BEFORE they can’t be taken back!

Almost every conflict in your life can be resolved with an inner change. Discover how to honor yourself, speak your microscopic truth, and show up authentically in your life.

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Free Resources

Visit my Free Resources page for a more hands-on approach. You’ll find workbooks, PDFs and more.  Show Me the Free Stuff

The Core Beliefs

For more information on your core beliefs:
Lack & Limitation
Death & Dying

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Paula goes below the surface level to heal your world from the inside-out, but you have to come open and willing.