Know what I love most about the time we’re living in? 

The opportunity to look at everything and anything going on around me – in my mini-microcosm or in the grand universe – and still be grateful.

Grateful for the opportunity to hear so many different voices… differing opinions… different ways of “dealing” with whatever is showing up, coming up, rising up. For each person.

This week I was going through some old books… like the 19th century kind of old. 

It struck me how – no matter the topic – everything written was always that writer’s perspective. That person’s truth… at the time it was written. 

Our personal propaganda. 

We select the pieces and parts we allow into our mind, into our beliefs, into our core operating system. There is no one universal truth. Science is always evolving. Cultural norms are always changing (curvy versus twiggy models being a great example). 

There is no one right answer to any situation. And we can choose to be grateful for it all.

Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” I like applying this quote to our levels of gratitude. We do our best to be okay with the level of gratitude we have… and when we recognize a higher and better level of gratitude, we live our lives from that level of gratitude.

May you always be able to say – as my friend Greg Stamper shares in this video – “And STILL I’m Grateful!”