Sometimes, my ego wants to get caught in the web of trying to understand another’s outer motivation. It’s clear my ego is trying to lure me back into the story that something has been lost. Sometimes, knowledge is power. And sometimes knowledge is dangerous. Because it is the things we know or think we know that we use as the foundation for the stories we build. “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” has some truth. Because what we don’t know has no form for us to wrap our thoughts around. It’s what we THINK we know, the images our minds piece together, that are like shards of a smashed mirror. As we assemble them into our story’s supporting picture their razor sharp edges cut us, from every angle we admire.

But what happens if we choose not to write the story? What happens if we choose to only repeat the story of the truth: no one and nothing can disturb the calm peace of your mind. What will you write on your mind today? Choose a story that brings you peace and peace is what will fill your life.