A Course in Miracles says forgiveness is quiet and still. Remembering this truth challenges me from time to time. In these moments of stillness, when I have pleasured myself by being present to whatever desires I have at that time, I feel my completeness, my wholeness. In these moments, there is no need or desire to “forgive” as the world sees it, for there is nothing I think anyone has ever taken or withheld from me.

I become a vessel – a still, quiet vessel that simply receives all that is offered with gratitude. Gifts that simply are, rather than gifts that have any meaning to them, any strings attached to them.

I have no neutral thoughts; how true that statement is. My mind creates imaginary conversations – sometimes I inhabit the role and character of “victor.” Sometimes, “victim.” Today, I’m making a conscious decision to accept the role of “vessel.” Today I’m willing to see my wholeness and practice turning my thoughts to the preciousness of the Truth. Today, I am willing to let go and let God write the Truth upon my thoughts, upon my world. My thoughts are creating the world I see and I am ready, in this moment, to experiment with thoughts of joy. I invite you to do the same.