Dear Paula,

Thank you for your teaching. I have manifested a dream house according to prayer and faith – all 16 points were absolutely accurately answered! I have manifested a top of the line brand new grand piano at a third of the shop price within 48 hours last September.

BUT…I could do with your help praying in my next dream. I am an artist. Already God has miraculously provided me with a purpose-built studio, time, and money for materials to train myself in my dream to be a world famous fine artist. It has taken 8 years of lonely struggle to reach the place where I feel happy with what I am producing. I teach piano in the late afternoons and evenings to fund myself at present. Now with your CD on manifesting the right and proper work I feel I can set my intention. So would you hold it for me for 30 days? (Cairine’s intention has been removed for privacy.) – CAIRINE M., Scotland

Dear Cairine,

Remember, always that the Source of our good is not ourselves or our work. Look through your intention and pay attention to where you ask for things to be manifest through your work – your family being enhanced and prospered as a result of your work was the one that jumped out at me. Your family is enhanced and prospered because they are Children of God… the proceeds from your work are just a channel for how that is happening. Does that make sense?

I love the strength of your intentions and am delighted to hold them for you! I trust that the How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Clients recording was helpful to you in manifesting what you desired.

Pay particular attention to any place where you are asking someone else to be something to you – respectful, fair, etc., and practice making sure that you are doing the same in every instance, even when it is your ego’s desire to do otherwise.

And lastly, look at where there are things you can start doing now with what you have – being a philanthropist, for example….. and start doing what is yours to do with what you have and watch how the universe responds.

God is good – all the time! Remember this, even when things start to seem shaky, or something feels like an obstacle. God is guiding the entire process. There are no obstacles except those where our will is something different than what God wills for us. God’s only will for us is our complete and perfect happiness. Be happy now with what is and open up to receive all the glory and goodness God has waiting for you.

Peace and prosperity,
Paula Langguth Ryan