Anyone can save money, even YOU! Simply follow this easy-to-use Penny A Day Savings Plan™ and you’ll be able to save nearly $300 in three months, effortlessly! Here’s how it works:

Get yourself a glass jar. A jelly jar or canning jar or spaghetti sauce jar will work nicely. Every day, for one week, put one penny into the jar. Try to get into the habit of putting in your money the minute you walk in the door, or when you first enter the room where you keep your savings jar. This will help you save your money every day.

At the end of the week, you’ll have saved 7-cents. Not a big sum, I know, but it’s a start on your savings… and your savings will start to build faster and faster, before you know it! The second week, you’ll save two pennies every day. The third week, you’ll save 4 pennies every day. And you’ve now developed a daily habit of saving money!

After one month, you’ll have saved a little over a dollar. But after two months, you’ll have saved over $15, because you’re doubling the amount you put in every week. Every week, keep doubling your savings amount. If you continue to double your savings every week for 12 weeks, you’ll eventually be saving $20.48 a day. And you’ll be saving nearly $150 a week!

Most people can’t put away that much money every day, so I encourage you to only double to your comfort level. Most people find that they can easily save $2.56 a day. At $2.56 a day, you’ll be saving $17.92 a week…and over $70 a month! Start small, keep putting your money away every day, even if it’s only a penny and don’t tap into the money unless it’s for something you REALLY want!

When you reach a point where you can’t double your money any more, you have two options. You can start over again with a penny a day, or you can stay at the level where you’re at until you reach a point where you CAN double your money again. The choice is up to you…but either way, you’ll be saving money!

In just three short months, you can save almost $300!