Ever have the fleeting thought that someone is out of integrity or trying to take advantage of you?

Believe it or not, these thoughts are a reflection of where we don’t trust ourselves. We redirect our own mistrust on another person so we can avoid looking at our own untrustworthiness (one of the sub-categories of that wonderful core belief of unworthiness).

Let me ‘splain myself.

Redirecting our own mistrust of ourselves lets us off the hook. We don’t have to delve into the darkness where these beliefs live and thrive like a hearty fungus. Our ego actually counts on us being too afraid of the dark to explore these sabotaging thoughts.

Luckily, there’s something you know that your ego doesn’t. (Even if it’s a fleeting knowledge.)

You ARE the Light.

You’re also ready, willing and able to shine your Light. Your ego would simply like you to forget this fact and continue to believe that you aren’t the Light.

Here’s a perfect illustration from my life:

For months, every time I flipped on the side yard light by the kitchen door, I got a bit cranky. The light flashed on, and then went out. Every. Time.

I jiggled it, replaced light bulbs, unscrewed and re-screwed the light bulbs and made a mental note to call and have the light fixture fixed.

Then one day I flipped the light switch on, and the light flashed on, then off, like usual. This time, unlike other times, I was in a hurry to go somewhere. I got distracted and never switched the light off.

I left for the gym, came back after dark and opened the gate. I stepped forward toward the side door and the darkness was suddenly flooded with light.

Turns out the light was working just fine the whole time.

It’s motion activated.

Until I was willing to take a step forward into the darkness, the Light wasn’t visible.

Same thing is true in every area in your life.

Trust yourself. Trust in your inner light and in your innate goodness.

How you see another person is always how you see yourself.

Trust yourself to be in integrity. Take a step toward making amends for any place where you are now or ever have been out of integrity, and watch your whole world transform.

The more you trust yourself, the more you’ll trust others!