Oh Paula. 

I listen to your podcast regularly. It has really helped me. I really appreciate the work you are doing. I became dedicated to changing my mind state a while ago and this podcast was exactly what I need to hear every day so I wouldn’t forget what I had set out to do. No matter how many times I listen and know how I’m suppose to approach things, I always slip back and wonder what to do. 

I’m very short on money right now and I have to move out of my apartment. I have saved money to move but I still worry if it’s enough and will something else come up that I need to pay for. I guess my real question is how can I be positive about what I have and grateful when I know some of my bills won’t get paid or I will barely be able eat for awhile? 

I’m only 26 years old and am very grateful for my job and the money and experience that it brings. I was unemployed for 9 months and wallowing in depression until I changed my attitude and found this amazingly stable job in my career. But that doesn’t mean I can pay all my bills with what I am making. I am grateful that I can pay more than I used to be able to but I would like to feel more comfortable. 

I spend a lot of my time being positive and giving my friends this positive information that you are saying but I find it hard when I’m alone and things start to not be as great as I feel like they should be. I’ve spent a lot of time I don’t have finding other creative money ideas like working online, doing surveys for money, etc. but let’s be honest, that doesn’t pay the rent no matter how hard I work or try to make it work. 

So, how do I approach these problems or lack thereof when I don’t have the help from my parents like most of my friends do and I feel like I’m doing everything I can and giving when I definitely don’t have it to give. The ultimate goal for me I guess would be to be prosperous enough so that I can give back to my family and friends. I don’t feel like it’s really even about me. I know this is a lot, but I feel lost. If you have any insight or suggestion that I can do will you please write me back. Thank you so much for taking time to read this. — Thank You. Kristen P.

Dear Kristen,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. You’re in a cycle that many find themselves in – thinking that something outside of yourself will make you “prosperous enough” to give the way you want, to live without worry and to make ends meet.

The truth is, you already are prosperous enough. You just think you are not. It starts by recognizing where you want to create some change. Have you downloaded my free Heal Your Relationship With Money e-book and workbook? If you haven’t then please do so now….and read it and fill it out so you can see some patterns that you may not be aware of.

Review your finances, not from a point of view of what you cannot do but from a point of view of what you can do with what you have that will make you feel more secure as you work toward what you want in life.

What is it that you want to have in your life that you don’t currently have? Be as specific as you can. I highly recommend looking at your budget and finding a way to book a session with me. Even a FREE 30 minute session can help you get a true clear picture of what is going on in your life financially and help you create a strategic plan that will take your mind off your money worries.

Before you have your session, be sure to complete the Heal Your Relationship With Money workbook and email me a copy to review. In the session, we can create a detailed look at what you owe and to whom, and what your expenses are each month, specifically, not generally. Start paying attention to where you spend every cent. Once we can see what you owe and to who, and what your monthly expenses are we can create a spending strategy that makes you feel more comfortable.

We all have our own comfort levels around money. Once you can figure out yours and create a plan that works around that, for you, will you start to recognize the inner sense of prosperity that is already yours.

Select an affirmation that works for you – like “I always have enough, today. I am fully comfortable with my cash flow today.” Use it with every breath you take.

And if you’re not already doing so, start tithing to wherever you’re spiritually fed. If you’re uncomfortable tithing a full 10%, start by giving 1% – you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your world!

Peace and prosperity,
Paula Langguth Ryan