Dear Paula,

I’ve been going forward in Law Of Attraction work, but having some resistance trying to get more.

I am addicted to “struggling” financially and am trying to stop. I just spent $160.00 in overdraft fees because I fed my fear of getting an overdraft. I could not stop fearing it because I for some reason I love sabotaging myself. I have struggled financially for so long, I am used to it, but it is time for CHANGE! 

One reason I have resisted is because someone important in my life struggles with money and I did not want her to reject me if I have a lot of money. But I don’t want to care about that ANYMORE! No more resisting wealth! I want to achieve and flow in the abundance that God wants for me to flow in, WITHOUT tragedy. How can I stay in this more positive space?

Chrissi B.

Hi Chrissi,

Thank you so much for your generous tithe, and for writing to me. First, it’s time to be grateful for everything you have. Many times people set intentions for “more and more and more” and see that nothing additional manifests. Because before you can expand your container enough to believe that you do deserve more, you have to be firm in your belief that you deserve what you have NOW. So let’s start there, with this intention:

I see you fully and completely comfortable with all the abundance that exists in your life now. I see you open and receptive to receiving the good that you have, and being an incredible steward of all the good that you have right here and right now. I see you easily and effortlessly recognizing the good and the abundance in everything that is occurring in your life now and I see you releasing all past beliefs to the contrary. 

Next, start making a gratitude list every day of 25 things you’re grateful for that day. Pay particular attention to things you judged as “bad” like the overdraft fees and reframe them: I’m grateful for the overdraft fees I paid today because it brings to my attention areas in my life where I want to be a better steward of the good that I have in my life and where I want to be more mindful of exactly how much money is in my accounts today and where I want to act from a place of financial integrity. (This is just one of the life-changing exercises in my 2-CD/Workbook 21 Days to a More Abundant Life!)

Third, it’s time to release your attachment to HOW your good comes to you. However your good comes to you, even through a channel where someone passes away in order for you to receive it, is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. The Universe response to whatever it is that needs to happen in your life and in the lives of others. Express gratitude that someone thought enough of you to include you in their financial wishes when they pass away, if that is how good is to come to you. It would simply be time to open up and receive that.

Finally, let’s address the belief that you don’t deserve. Start with this affirmation:

I am enough. I have enough. I do enough. Exactly as I am. I forgive myself for every time I ever thought less of myself or others. 

Then look at where you believe others don’t deserve and start making amends for those beliefs. We are all one. So whatever you believe about another is what you truly believe about yourself.

I highly recommend getting a copy of Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing if you don’t already have one. If you can, find others who are willing to commit to reading the book and exploring the study guide too, so you have people who are willing to come together and let their energy feed each other.

Peace and prosperity,
Paula Langguth Ryan