In the very first section of Chapter 1 of the text of A Course In Miracles (ACIM), the Principles of Miracles, it says “atoning” means “undoing” (Principle #26). Think about that a moment. 

A common phrase used in Christianity is that we must “atone for our sins” or that Jesus came to atone for our sins. In Unity, we see our sins for what they are: errors in thinking. A momentary lapse in our right-mindedness that made us accept the illusion that we were something LESS than the magnificent creative forces in the Universe.

Consider this phrase: I am willing to Atone for my Sins.

What this really means is: I am willing to Undo my Error Thinking.

TODAY…I am willing to be willing to be willing…to think rightly – to think with the Mind of Christ. To remember and act from the Truth that God and I are One. And with God, ALL things are possible.

Pass it on… to someone who pops into your mind. Chances are, they could use this message – or they are the stewards of the message and they are meant to pass it along to someone else.