I’m completely fascinated with how our egos work. What we see, what we perceive, what we experience and what we declare as reality in our lives. Today, I share one of my favorite scientific experiments that demonstrates so very clearly how our “realities” are colored (no pun intended as you’ll see) by our “perceptions.” 

Back in the 1970’s a study was done with Jell-O® brand gelatin to see what affect color (our perception) had on our sense of taste (our reality). Researchers took lemon Jell-O® and made three batches. They added blue food coloring to one batch and red food coloring to the other.

Two groups tasted the Jell-O®. One group was blindfolded. The other could see what they were eating. The blindfolded group universally declared all three batches were lemon or citrus flavored. The group that could see the colors said the blue Jell-O® tasted like blue raspberry. They declared the red Jell-O® to be anything from strawberry and cherry to watermelon.

Why the difference?

Whatever we see, we experience through a lens based on past experience. We see things with a pre-formed judgment.

When we see circumstances in our lives unfolding, or observe another person acting in a certain way, we tend to label the circumstances based on our past perception rather than on reality.

The reality is: Absolutely everything in your life is unfolding in Divine Order, for an amazing reason. A reason that is fully and completely designed for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.

If you struggle with that concept, seek help unwinding your past perceptions. Decide today to start investing your time and energy in changing your perception. Once you do, you’ll find yourself easily resolving – and even dissolving – conflicts and having more peace.

Make today the day you become willing to see how things are conspiring for your highest good. Express gratitude for what is and ask to have the true perception of a situation revealed to you, free from past beliefs and stories.

Start with this simple — yet extremely effective reminder/affirmation from A Course in Miracles:

“I could see peace, instead of this!”

Repeat those seven words as often as you would a name or number you’re trying to remember until you can write it down!

Write and let me know how your path to peace is unfolding.