People keep asking me, “Why are you leaving Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram)?” The answer is rich and complex. The simple answer is, I’m looking to reconnect directly with people.

The long version: It’s been challenging these past few years to watch people’s relationships get torn asunder by beliefs. To watch how the persuasion tactics that Madison Avenue brought to our homes in newspapers, radio and then television have now been harnessed in ways that divide us radically; how the book “How to Lie with Statistics” has come to life like a Broadway musical on steroids. And far too often we get caught up in the web of lies, join in, spread information and misinformation and engage with personas of people rather than real people.

Our country was founded on the desire for freedom of expression, freedom of worship and all those other individual rights and liberties we hold dear.

So I’m returning to a simpler time, before social media. You can visit me here on my website ( and contact me from there. You can also stalk my YouTube account for when I post videos and my Medium publications for new articles. I look forward to reconnecting with you! 🙂

All my love,