Lack / Limitation

The Lack & Limitation core belief is a perception about…

There never seems to be enough time, energy, money, knowledge, love, etc.

Just when I think I’m getting ahead, something happens and I’m back to where I was.

I feel like I’m just getting by, day to day.

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Lack & Limitation
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Penny A Day Savings Plan™

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Wanting More and Resisting Wealth

Wanting More and Resisting Wealth

Dear Paula, I’ve been going forward in Law Of Attraction work, but having some resistance trying to get more. I am addicted to “struggling” financially and am trying to stop. I just spent $160.00 in overdraft fees because I fed my fear of getting an overdraft. I could...

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Slipping Into Lack Thoughts

Slipping Into Lack Thoughts

Oh Paula.  I listen to your podcast regularly. It has really helped me. I really appreciate the work you are doing. I became dedicated to changing my mind state a while ago and this podcast was exactly what I need to hear every day so I wouldn’t forget what I had...

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