Join me for this 10-week series and discover for yourself why Catherine Ponder decided THIS was the only book on tithing that she deemed worthy of her endorsement!

Come hang out with me every Wednesday from September 18 – November 20, 2019 (7:00 – 9:00pm ET) and watch as your entire attitude towards money, wealth, and prosperity evolve into something greater! Discover for yourself why Catherine Ponder decided THIS was the only book on tithing that she deemed worthy of her endorsement!

That’s right! I’m hosting a non-denominational 10-week graduated tithing course (tithing 1% the 1st week, ending with 10% the last week) where you tithe to wherever you’re spiritually fed this week. You decide where that is!

Better yet? I’m offering this introductory course for only $10!

Since this is an online discussion group, you can join us wherever you are! Every week we will tackle a different chapter from my book, Giving Thanks, until we have covered the entire 10 chapters.

If you need to purchase a copy of Giving Thanks, you can download a PDF version of the book for $10… that’s only $20 for the book AND the full course! (You can always find more purchase options on Amazon or, too.)

Who benefits from this program? 
People that have an issue with the “T” word should definitely consider this course – anyone looking to start tithing, get back into tithing, overcome their resistance to tithing, or hope to increase their levels of giving by becoming a “reverse tither.” 

What Can I Expect From This Program?
You’ll be tithing “the way Jesus did” with your words, actions, thoughts, time and talents. You’ll receive class reminders via email before Wednesday class with a reminder of what needs to be read for this week’s class and what questions to ponder.
Coming from A Course in Miracles background, Paula uses ACIM principles to “heal” whatever conflicts in you that are being reflected in your every day world. This involves going within yourself and discovering the underlying issues that are holding you back from your true wealth.

How Much Is It?
I am offering this 10-week prosperity program for only $10 right now! Why? Because I believe there’s something valuable in this course for anyone looking to make the most out of life. And for only $1 a week – I know this program is worth it. Additionally, as a special bonus to anyone that enrolls, I am offering an updated e-book version of Giving Thanks for only $10 – that’s more than 50% off the original paperback price.

How Do I Participate?
I will be hosting our program every week via Zoom. There will be a built-in, online chat group where you can ask questions during the conference call, as well as, a private Facebook group for on-going, deeper discussions.

When Does This Course Take Place? 
Every Wednesday from September 18 – November 20 at 7-9pm ET. 
We will have quarterly reunion check-ins, starting on December 4th (and again on March 4 and June 3). On these occasions, we will meet back up for a “virtual potluck” celebration to share successes, challenges, check-in, and fine tune any place you may be stuck so you can soar!

What If I Can’t Make the Live Zoom Call?
If you’re nervous about enrolling and “not being able to attend live,” then rest assured because Paula will be sending out the recorded, video discussion via email each week.

How Do I Connect with Other Students?
You’ll be a part of a private Facebook group for active members and alumni – posts about readings, insights, study questions, and activities to do between classes.

How Can I Enroll in the Program?
Glad you asked! Reserve your spot now by clicking on the button below. You’ll be taken to a new page where you can read more details about the program, choose whether you want to purchase the Program as a stand-alone item or with the e-book, and finalize your enrollment information.

How Do I Get Started?
You will receive an introductory course package via email which includes your login information and instructions for Zoom. You can join the room using video or simply call in on your phone. The email will also include details on how you can join the private Facebook group. Plus information on how best to communicate with Paula regarding the class.

Be sure to Contact Me if you have any questions!